We are waves in the Ocean of Consciousness

#Vedanta #Advaita #Om #SwamiVivekananda

As per Vedanta, our true nature is the fourth, the Turiya, pure consciousness and bliss. As described by the Mandukya Upanishad, the symbol Om or Aum, represents the four states of our existence. Our waking state emerges out of our consciousness, moves to a dream state with our dream consciousness, to deep sleep, when the mind also shuts down and only consciousness remains , but it is in an unmanifest state. The quest on the path of spiritual enlightenment is to realise our true nature, i.e. consciousness in the manifest state. There are three main paths to reach this spiritual enlightenment – Bhakti yoga, the way of devotion, Raj Yoga, the path of meditation and Gyan yoga, the path of knowledge. While Bhakti yoga and Raj yoga are equally important, Vedas and Vedanta focus on Gyan yoga, the path of knowledge.”

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