Watchdogs 2 to release on Nov 15

Ubisoft has confirmed that Watchdogs 2 would release on Nov 15.

The official reveal trailer for Watch Dogs 2 reveals the game’s setting, protagonist and expansive open world. It was shown as part of the ‘World Premiere‘ livestream that featured an abundance of information from the game.

During its livestream, Ubisoft also released a trailer detailing the main protagonist, Marcus Holloway. Isolated from society because of a crime he didn’t commit, Marcus finds himself in the clutches of rampant hacktivism.

The game will take place in San Francisco, the reveal trailer showcases a selection of varied environments such as sunswept beaches, bustling city streets and crowded metropolitan areas.

Watch Dogs 2 will follow the same basic gameplay template as its predecessor, with developer Ubisoft Montreal adding plenty of cool new features and improvements to the experience. In the original Watch Dogs your hacking abilities were limited to a select number of objects in the world, now it seems the possibilities for electrical madness are almost limitless.

You will be able to hack any nearby vehicle, camera or appliance and bend it to your will. These can be used to distract, eliminate and terrify your enemies. You can also use them to cause endless havoc in the open-world, annoying citizens of San Fran as they go about their business.

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