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Star Wars Battlefront : some tips to master the force

Star Wars Battlefront has been released internationally, it’s expected to arrive to India shores by 22nd Nov..get your copy soon as stocks are expected to sell out fast…

Check out the some tips below from Star Wars Battlefront Community manager to help you master the force and don’t forget to Get your copy from here  

Star Wars Battlefront for PS4

Rs. 3999

Blasters and Weapons (h2)

Christian Johannesén, Designer

  • “Maintain controlled fire with your blaster to manage both heat and bolt spread.”
  • “With each successful cooling flush, the skill game increases in difficulty. When failing, dying or not activating the cooling flush, the difficulty level will decrease again.”
  • “The Ion Shot makes your blaster more powerful against vehicles, and weaker against troopers during its active time.”

Star Cards and Power-ups (h3)

Christian Johannesén, Designer

  • “The Ion Grenade is a great way to quickly deal with pesky Droids and turrets.”
  • “The Pulse Cannon does greater damage the longer it’s charged. A fully charged shot will defeat a person with one shot.”
  • “Combine the Jump Pack with an explosion based weapon — like the Bowcaster — to rain mayhem from above.”
  • “The Smoke Grenade not only reduces vision, but also blocks lock-on functions for weapons, turrets, and Droids.”
  • “Energy shields blocks incoming energy blasts, but solid projectiles like grenades, rockets, and the Cycler Rifle slug will pass through.”
  • “If you have a power up you do not want, you can hit interact (Square) in front of a power-up to change it for a new one.”
  • “The Cycler Rifle and Pulse Cannon must be fired while scoping in order to maximize its accuracy.”
  • “The Smart Rocket fires like a regular launcher, but the rocket will target and track a vehicle if fired in its general direction.”

Star Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Battlefront

Piloting Starfighters

Nick Baker, Designer

  • “If you take damage while trying to call in a vehicle the progress will be reset.”
  • “Evasive maneuvers break missile lock and Soft Lock.”
  • “Reduced velocity increases weapon power, increased velocity reduces weapon power for the A-wing, X-wing TIE fighter, TIE interceptor, Slave I, and the Millennium Falcon.”

Björn Sundell, Vehicle Designer

  • “Hold the Left Trigger to activate your targeting system on the starfighters. It helps you land your shots.”


Christian Johannesén, Designer

  • “A Trait will grant a passive bonus and level up with kill streaks. When dying, the Trait will lose a level again.”
  • “Customize your hand of Star Cards accordingly in Hero Hunt and Heroes vs Villains. Not even a Jedi can block an explosion.”
  • “Droids are not only great for attacking the enemy team, they also have a scan pulse that reveals enemies to your entire team.”

Star Wars Battlefront

Jim Fagerlund, Mission Scripter

  • “In regular Battles, press the D-pad up to make your AI allies ‘search and destroy’ and D-pad right to ‘follow player.’”

Nick Baker, Designer

  • “The AT-ST has a weak spot on its back, try to target this when attacking one and defend it when piloting.”
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