Rainbow Six Siege update includes shield-weilding operators and expands charms

New Rainbow Six Siege update includes shield-weilding operators and expands charms. The Rainbow six siege patch 3.2 has been released for PC on 31st May, and for consoles on June 1.

Update 3.2 turns its focus on Operators who carry shields, giving them the ability to decorate their shields with charms, while also removing Blackbeard’s ability to auto-reload while his shield is up. The patch also tweaks character positioning, with more accurate tracer bullets and fixes designed to keep players from partially clipping into walls or through barricades.

Update 3.2 brings a new flock of bug fixes as well, including some focused on the Operators and map introduced in the Operation Dust Line update:

FIXED – The security camera effect remains present on the end of the round replay if Valkyrie’s Sticky Camera is accessed right before the end of the round.
FIXED – Valkyrie’s Sticky Cameras remain floating after Deployable Shield is picked up.
FIXED – Valkyrie’s Sticky Cameras float on Tachanka’s turret.
FIXED – Players may be able to throw more than 4 Sticky Cameras.
FIXED – Many occurrences of Valkyrie’s Sticky Cameras passing through the corners at various coordinates on Yacht, Plane, Kanal, Hereford Base, Club House, and Oregon.


FIXED – No warning message is displayed when trying to equip the destroyed Rifle-Shield.
FIXED – The MK17 CQB continues to cycle empty rounds in full auto when the Gun Shield is equipped.
FIXED – Although Blackbeard’s shield is destroyed, it will appear like it’s not in the death replay.


FIXED – A misaligned geometry can be noticed if the floor is destroyed in the Southern side of the room.
FIXED – A rubberband effect is caused when going through a tunnel in Border.
FIXED – Attackers can shoot defenders through a small gap at “EXT Terrace” area.
FIXED – A player can’t climb the stairs in prone in 1F East Stairs.
FIXED – A player can see under the map with the drone in the crash scene area.
FIXED – Player is able to get Out of bounds with a vault in specific area.
FIXED – Player is able to get stuck between the chairs in 2F – Offices.
FIXED – The player is able to reach the top scaffolding near the waiting room stairs.
FIXED – Moved a floating ammobox to fit the ground.
FIXED – Defenders may remain stuck in spawn point Server Room.


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