Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Phantom Limb DLC out

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Phantom Limb DLC is out. This downloadable content is a free exclusive for PS4 and PS3 players!

The Phantom Limb level continues the Trouble Over Taul story — one of the New Adventure levels featured in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens set in the time leading up to the film — after C-3PO’s ship crashlands on the barren planet of Taul, inhabited by hostile alien creatures who seem to crave the taste of droids. Never fear though — C-3PO is in good company with an oddball cast of survivors.


First up is PZ-99, a security droid whose prime directive is to protect all non-combat personnel. Teaming up with him is VL-44, another security droid, armed with an incinerator to destroy gold LEGO bricks and fend off the hostile creatures on the surface of Taul. There’s also CO-34, a construction droid able to do most of the heavy lifting for the group, MSE-Y, a repair droid, GNK-189, a power droid, and 2MED2, a medical droid. They’re all really fun to play as, each with their own charm and playstyle!
Additionally, we have O-MR1, a First Order droid who has been captured and taken prisoner by the C-3PO led group of Resistance droids. He’s featured briefly in the Trouble Over Taul level within the New Adventure level alongside Captain Phasma, but he plays a pivotal role here and is a really interesting counterpart to C-3PO.




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