Two upcoming expansions for Star Wars Battlefront

DICE has announced two new upcoming expansions for Star Wars Battlefront.

Niklas Fegreaus, Design Director at DICE joined multiple creators of different Star Wars games at EA to give fans the latest news about two upcoming expansion packs for Star Wars™ Battlefront™. Set to release first, the Death Star expansion is slated to release this fall, followed by the highly anticipated Rogue One: Scarif update targeted for release this holiday season.

The developers also confirmed the upcoming heroes as Bossk, and one we know you’ve all been waiting for, everyone’s favorite co-pilot, Chewbacca. Chewie has been one of the most requested heroes and we are excited to see him team up alongside current heroes including his partner, Han Solo.

The Death Star expansion brings brand new vehicles, blasters, and Star Cards for you to master.

The developers also announced the official title of 4th digital expansion Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Rogue One: Scarif available two weeks early for Season Pass owners.


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